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At 86HOPE, our HOPE stands for Hold On Possibilities Exist. Our team has experience totaling over 25 years in sports, strategic alliances and “Win – Win” partnerships. We operate nationally with locations in Texas and Arizona

01. Character

We believe in being who you say you are. We treat everyone with respect and think of ourselves as a “thinking partner”. We also believe in a simple, yet productive approach.

02. Integrity

Absolute and non-negotiable 

03. Creative thinking

Our reputation for creating “Outside the Box” partnerships is what we are known for. Some examples: If motorsports is an option, we want to match you with a driver who’s core values align with your company so you are represented in the proper manner. If you have a product, we will look at the race teams and see who their current partners are that might create a B2B play for you to increase your ROI.

What We Do Best


college football

college basketball

LED Rotational Signage

Business Development/Partnerships

Personal Service Agreements with Athletes


Whatever your goals are, there are so many opportunities in motorsports and many have nothing to do with the actual race. Race teams think of themselves as a marketing agency; therefore, we can get very creative building a program with a partner to reach their goals.

Examples of Deliverables

•Branding on the Car/Truck
•Branding on the Transporter
•Branding on the Driver Fire Suit
•Branding on the Team Uniforms
•Branding on Pit Box and Tools
•National Television
•Production day with driver for Photographs, Video and Digital
•Driver Meet and Greet at track
Robust Social Media Campaign 
•VIP passes for each race for guests with Pit Box Access
•Photo with driver by car on starting grid and garage access on race day
•Tour of Race Team Transporter
•Driver in-person appearances for partner events away from track
•Pre-race zoom with driver previewing race. Partner invites guests to join. Normally done from the track just before the race
•Special paint schemes to promote Brand, New product announcement, Honor military & first responders

Examples of Customized Deliverables 

•Honor the military – at track VIP guests
•Honor first responders
•STEM education promotion for kids
•New product roll out promotion
•B2B opportunities with other race team partners
•Yearly partner summit
•Use race team facilities for company outings and meetings
•Drive cars – employee experience
•Hospitality at Track
•Suites at track
Public relations and marketing support from team account manager assigned

College Basketball & Football

Examples of Deliverables

  • Title Sponsorships
  • Associate Sponsorships
  • Signage
  • Activations
  • Suites
  • Fan Zone Sponsorship Opportunities
  • LED Court-side Signage 
  • Television Broadcast
  • Commercial Inventory
  • In – Broadcast Graphics and Promotional Media
  • Entitlement Mentions
  • TV Visible in Stadium/Arena Signage and Branding
  • Integrated Event Logo on Field or Court
  • Logo on Event Website and Digital
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Game Day Hospitality
  • Tickets
  • Charitable Foundation Focus
  • Logos on Goal Post Pads
  • LED in Stadium/Arena Ribbon Boards
  • President / CEO Welcome Message
  • Representative Participation in Honorary Coin Toss (Football)
  • Ball Boy Opportunities (Basketball)
  • Representative Participation in Trophy Presentation
  • Logo on Media Backdrop
  • Integrated Logo on all game related materials
  • VIP Parking

Additional Media Options  


Scorers Table/Floor LED Signage
1-2 minutes Branding Per Game (can be customized)
Court-Side Static Signage
Branded Bench Backs
Website Banner Ads
Conference Webpage Branding Exposure
Public Address Announcements During Game
1-2 minutes Per Game – In Arena Ribbon Board Signage
1-2 minutes Per Game – Scoreboard Signage
Promotional Branding Opportunities

Business Development / Partnerships

We enjoy working with Companies and Organizations on Business Development and Partnerships. Are you looking to get your product in stores? We have relationships with numerous companies and distribution outlets. Tell us your Vision and Goals!

Personal Service Agreements

We have numerous partnerships with Athletes and Professional Management Groups. Are you looking for an Influencer? Need a Social Media Campaign ? Or do you need a Face for your company? We can help connect you to the right person that aligns with your core values, expectations and goals.

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